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MyPositiveSingles dating site is built for people living with STIs to enjoy dating, have fun & get empowered to live life to the fullest.

Get Support & Help. Stop Feeling Isolated.

Connect with people who understand you and share similar values. Our positive singles dating site is home to people with herpes, HIV, Chlamydia, or other STDs. Locally, you can find real and verified positive singles near you to date at your fingertips. Worldwide, you can use chat rooms to network with people in similar situations. With the support, help, and empathy from the PS singles community, you’ll no longer be alone.

Easy to Love. Less Stressed About Disclosure.

No more anxieties about when to disclose, no more scared about being ghosted after disclosing. MyPositiveSingles STD dating site makes it much easier for you to find love, thanks to an elaborate profile to show who you are beyond living with STI(s), advanced filters to meet positive singles with kindred spirits, most importantly, a judgment-free dating environment consisted of every positive single with similar experiences.

Meet Positive Singles in Similar Situations

Getting herpes, HIV, HPV, or other STI(s) is common and you’re not alone. Join MyPositiveSingles to meet people in the same situation and have easy dates.

Brave to Date. No Worries About Privacy Leaking.

Safety first whether you are dating with herpes or dating with HIV. No doubt that you’re supposed to practice safe sex and take medication as prescribed. On top of that, while PS dating, you should use a positive singles app like MyPositiveSingles that has discreet icons and privacy/visibility control to protect your privacy, given the unnecessary prejudice due to STD stigma.

Rebuild Self-Esteem. Break the STD Stigma.

Be proud of who you are and undo your internalized STD stigma. The Blog and Photo Feed on MyPositiveSingles will remind you what you’ve been through is valid via storytelling and lifestyle sharing. And learning about other ps singles’ shared experiences and attitudes on this positive singles app will save you from self-loathing, change your way of thinking, and empower you during your herpes dating, HIV dating, and STD dating.

Stay Calm, Carry on & You're Not Alone

Stay calm, carry on. Anyone can get an STI and living with STI(s) is only a small part of your life. Join MyPositiveSingles to start dating again and get empowered!

MyPositiveSingles STD Dating Site Key Features

Verified Herpes Singles Meet at the Positive Singles Dating Site Verified Herpes Singles Meet at the Positive Singles Dating Site

Real & Verified Members

All the members on MyPositiveSingles are real and verified. You won’t meet any catfishers or fake profiles because without photo verification, no one is allowed to start dating or networking on this positive singles dating site.

Keep Private Dating with Herpes, HIV, or Any Other STI Keep Private Dating with Herpes, HIV, or Any Other STI

Privacy Control

MyPositiveSingles STD dating site has a high regard for your privacy. We will handle your personal information with care. We also bear this in mind to bring out privacy control features to keep you safe in our community.

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Dating with Herpes, HIV, or HPV Is Common

Dating with Herpes Is Common Dating with Herpes Is Common

Dating with Herpes

The diagnosis of Herpes can be heartbreaking. But stay calm and carry on. Do you know that 13.2% of the world’s population aged 15 to 49 years have HSV-2 (genital herpes) and 66.6% have HSV-1 (oral herpes)? Not to mention, some people contract herpes without knowing it since herpes can be asymptomatic. You shouldn't let it define you, much less prevent you from falling in love. What draws people to you in the past will continue to make you a catch. All you need are some support, help, and love from the best herpes dating site MyPositiveSingles.

Dating with HIV Is Not a Big Deal Dating with HIV Is Not a Big Deal

Dating with HIV

Today, if people with HIV take HIV medications as prescribed, HIV-positive persons can live long healthy lives and love without fear of transmitting HIV to others. So it is time to stop feeling guilty or undesirable when it comes to looking for love. Though it may take you some time to deconstruct the internalized stigma, you'll overcome it with knowledge and self-reflection in the end. The shared experience and dating with people in the same situation from MyPositiveSingles can assist you along the way, too.

Dating with HPV Is Common Dating with HPV Is Common

Dating with HPV

HPV is even more common than herpes. Everyone who is sexually active will at least get one strain of HPV sometime at some point. You can continue to date with the right approaches or meet hpv singles on hpv dating sites like MyPositiveSingles.

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Inspirational Experiences from Real Positive Singles

Positive Single - Lucas
Lucas, California

Dating is hard. Dating with an incurable STD makes it even harder. But I refuse to let my positive status limit myself, so I have profiles on both MyPositiveSingles and other dating apps. However, dating is much easier on this positive singles dating site as we all have been through the same thing and I don’t need to worry about the conversation.

Positive Single - Tayla
Tayla, Florida

When I was diagnosed with genital herpes, I thought I would be single for the rest of my life. I couldn’t eat and barely slept. What’s worse is that I was too ashamed to share it with anyone but had to swallow all the anger, confusion, and fear alone. Therapy was the only resort that I could get some support until I found MyPositiveSingles. This herpes dating site saves me from the abyss of self-isolation, making me realize that I am not alone and getting herpes is not the end of my love life.

Positive Single - Gabriel
Gabriel, Ottawa

In the face of STD stigma, rejection, and judgment, everything in my life used to be defined by my positive imperfection. But this positive singles app opens my heart again with the storytelling from other positive singles in the same situation. Their optimistic attitude and passion for life remind me that living with STI(s) is only a small part. Best of all, I met my wife on MyPositiveSingles two years ago when I commented on one of her blogs.

Positive Single - Olivia
Olivia, London

My HIV diagnosis can also have a positive impact, though it took me years to learn it. Dating with HIV allows me to see the right person who understands me and set boundaries to shut biased people down. From feeling unworthy to empowered, this shift can not do without the help of MyPositiveSingles and my affectionate boyfriend whom I found on that HIV dating site.

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