Your Guide to All Types of HIV Facebook Dating Groups

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Facebook is the home to many different communities where people share stuff of mutual interest or they support each other, and it is no surprise in the numerous Facebook communities, there are HIV Dating Facebook groups where you can find information, support, and even love. There are different types of HIV dating group on Facebook to meet the varying demands of Facebook users. Read ahead; this article will tell you how to find the right HIV support group on Facebook.

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How Many Types of HIV Facebook Dating Groups?
HIV Dating Groups Pros and Cons
Facebook Groups VS Real HIV Dating Community
Bonus Tips

How Many Types of HIV Dating Facebook Groups?

HIV-dating Facebook groups are communities where people with the same interests gather together, share information and support one another. Here are the 6 ideal groups to help any HIV positive person and their mate on Facebook.

#1. Black HIV Dating

Black HIV Dating is one of several HIV dating Facebook groups where you may connect with other HIV+ Black singles. The Facebook group's purpose is to link you with other Black HIV-positive singles from all over the world and to help improve your life with new experiences and connections.

#2. HIV Dating and Marriage

This HIV dating Facebook groups is called a safe space for people who are HIV positive and are looking for someone to date or marry. There are a significant number of users that are connected to the platform. Even if someone is not looking for someone to date, they can always join the group for support.

#3. Heterosexual HIV Dating

These types of groups are for straight people who are HIV positive and are looking for partners to date. These groups contain lots of helpful information for people who do not know much about HIV positive dating.

#4. Homosexual HIV Dating

Homosexual HIV dating groups are Facebook groups where homosexual people look for partners and share their experiences or information that they think would benefit others. These groups are also called safe spaces for homosexual people who want support for the situation they are going through.

#5. HIV Support Groups

Because HIV is associated with high levels of stigma, finding someone you can trust safely can help normalize HIV in your life but will also assist you in overcoming everyday obstacles such as treatment, prevention, relationships, and overall well-being. In an age where digital connections are the norm, Facebook HIV support groups are one of the ideal places to meet people living with HIV in a secure, open setting.

#6. HIV Dating Groups Based on Locations

There are several Facebook groups based on locations dedicated to finding partners for HIV positive people. The users vary geographically; however, the thing that remains the same is the support for each other in these communities.

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HIV Dating Facebook Advantages and Inconveniences

It is a fact that Facebook is known as one of the largest social media to meet like-minded people. However, there are advantages and inconveniences to finding an HIV-positive partner on Facebook. (Also Read >>> How to meet HIV-positive singles UK?)


There are so many communities on Facebook that people can search, find and join any community they want or the community that best matches their interests.

A significant number of people in every community share their own life stories and experiences so that other people might benefit from them.

It is easy to find someone you like because of the vast number of users from around the world; finding your match is easy in the HIV dating Facebook groups.


Sometimes the person we like lives far away from us, and it is difficult to date in real life, which would be a problem for people looking to settle and marry.

There is always the risk of people giving out fake information online. Facebook HIV groups are also at risk where a user could be given fake information, and it is a possibility that he could get scammed.

There is also a privacy issue, the account can get hacked, or the community can go public, leaking all the information that was supposed to stay private.

Compared with a Dedicated HIV Dating Site, Which Is Better

Even Though HIV dating Facebook groups are popular, it is easy to find a partner in those groups. However, the dedicated STD dating websites are more targeted and powerful such as MyPositiveSingles, that can help you find the perfect partner for you. So you can date offline as well. 

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  • How to Find an HIV Partner on MyPositiveSingles with Swiping and Searching Features?

Step 1. Make a profile on the website MyPositiveSingles, add the correct information, verify your account and start searching and swiping.

Step 2. All you need to do for the Search feature is search by location, name, or any other factor in the quick search, but to use the advanced search feature, you have to be a member. For the Swipe Method, users can swipe left if they want to skip a profile that doesn't interest them. On the other hand, they may swipe right if they like a specific profile and hope that the person on the opposite side would do the same. Swiping right will let the duo communicate with one other and see whether their conversation can progress.

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Step 3. All that is left is to talk to the person and see if they are the one for you and then go on a date.

Bonus tips for Quickly Find an Ideal Partner.

To make sure that you find your perfect partner as soon as possible. Here are some tips that you can use to make your profile ideal and stand out. 

1. The nicknames, bios, and quotes are important.

2. Make sure to have a recent profile picture in which you think you look the best.

3. Be clear about what you want and what you are looking for in a partner.

4. Try to keep the person engaged in the conversation using humor or other things.

5. Video Call before meeting up with the potential match. (Click to Join an HIV Chat Room)

6. Only share information as required.

7. Do not share any financial information.


Dating is difficult for everyone, especially when you have HIV and are hesitant to start dating because of the stigma attached to the disease. But, with time, the world has seen an increase in different communities about various issues, especially on Facebook, and HIV is also one of the issues. HIV Dating Facebook Groups support and help HIV-positive people find love and support. However, not everything is good in these Facebook communities, and there are inconveniences. An alternative with a much better chance of success is MyPositiveSingles, where people who have STIs can find their perfect partner. So, if you have STIs and want to find someone to date, MyPositiveSingle is the website for you.

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