[HIV Dating WhatsApp] Group Links Gathered from the Internet

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HIV dating is hard. The prejudice and stigma have no traces of ceasing. But you can totally use WhatsApp group chat to find like-minded people! 

Click a HIV positive WhatsApp group link and join the chat. The people in it are all friendly and understand what you've been through. No rude words that hurt feelings, no rejections, just be open to a new world that HIV is not afraid of!

This page tells you 2 ways for HIV dating. One is through HIV Dating WhatsApp (10 live links are provided for all readers), and another one is through an online HIV dating community.

HIV WhatsApp Dating

Table of Contents
HIV Dating WhatsApp Links/Numbers
HIV Dating WhatsApp Disadvantages
The Best Alternative HIV Dating App

HIV Positive WhatsApp Group Links & Chat Rooms

If you don’t know anyone who happened to ‘Be’ in a WhatsApp HIV chat room. Then you can kindly ask him/her to invite you to the very group by sending you a live link.

If you don’t know such a person, then you might experience a long journey in searching for an ideal group on the Internet – which needs to be neither too full nor too empty. But you know the Internet, once you saw a page full of live links, anyone in the world will see it, and clearly, it is too late to claim a seat.

Here are some HIV single WhatsApp numbers that the editor has found on the Internet:











  • How to Join an HIV Positive WhatsApp Group?

If you can obtain an invitation link, then just hit the link and join the HIV chat rooms. If you cannot get a link from people you know, then you are reduced to finding relative links from the Internet.Join Whats App Group Chat
Step 1. Search HIV positive WhatsApp group link/HIV Chat Rooms/HIV Single WhatsApp Numbers on WhatsApp.

Step 2. Click and Navigate to the particular group, then hit ‘Join.’

Step 3. Wait for the group owner’s approval and you can join the group chat.

The Disadvantages of HIV Dating WhatsApp – Not Local, Hard to Obtain

‘WhatsApp group chat is never an effective way to find an ideal HIV mate.’

First of all, the group chat number is not easily found on the Internet. And even if you are lucky enough to join harmonious HIV chat rooms on WhatsApp, the subsequent hookup thing in reality is hard to achieve. 

Here are other several major disadvantages of seeking positive singles on WhatsApp:

Whatsapp Group Chat

1.      The competition over a popular HIV-positive single.

2.      The ineffective communication caused by piled-up messages.

3.      You can not directly see others’ profiles until you add them to your list successfully.

4.      The people in the group are from all over the world, which is difficult for a real dating

Those real problems that WhatsApp brings to us can significantly block the roads that lead to a practical & romantic relationship, or just a hookup. (Also click to see: The best HIV dating sites)

And to some degree, ordinary dating App even performs better than dating on WhatsApp. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we should go back to Tinder and enjoy a temporary/short-term love. What I really want to express is that – we should find a Dating App That Is Designed Only for HIV Positive Singles. 

Try the Tinder-Like HIV Dating App: Stop HIV Dating WhatsApp

If you are tired of hiding your HIV status from healthy people and do not wish to join a tedious WhatsApp HIV group chat then MyPositiveSingles is a desirable choice. Allowing people to search and meet local Positive Single users, this handy App also builds up a harmonious community for all STD users to share their moods, thoughts, and ideas in form of Blogs. With positive comments, likes, and messages, anyone can find their messy mind a peaceful planet to rest.

The Best HIV Dating Site

Warming and accepting place open to singles living with HIV. 10X easier to find love and support on MyPositiveSingles.

Moreover, you can use MyPositiveSingles’ HIV chat rooms online to substitute HIV positive WhatsApp group link for meeting vigorous young users, by clicking on his avatar and you can see all their information. Compared with the old-school WhatsApp way, apparently, the latter is more effective. 

Hiv Chat Rooms

Join HIV Chat Rooms in MyPositiveSingles – Tutorial

This App does not require a learning curve. But to have some nice experiences in it, you need to use some tricks too. But now, let’s just get around and know the working mode of this App and finally enjoy the feeling of dating other people with HIV.

Step 1. Register and create your profile.

Step 2. Use the Search feature to see HIV-positive singles near you.

Step 3. Keep in contact with those you find attractive and don’t forget to use the Blogs feature to exhibit your daily lives.

Step 4. Join a voice chat room to lively communicate what’s new.

  • Private & Anonymous
  • 100s of Local Singles
  • Unique Match

Bonus Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Hang of MyPositiveSingles?

Briefly speaking, MyPositiveSingles’ working mode is approximately the mix of Instagram and Tinder. So you can totally use your old experience to get the hang of this App and easily have STD Dating Online.

1.      Post regularly – share your stories, and daily pics and your habits can significantly increase the chances of getting picked.

2.      Vice versa, you can positively comment on/like others’ posts. The initiative move never gets wrong.

3.      Wisely use the Search feature. Use the filters to sift out who is near you. When you both feel good about each other, a real, offline date can trigger a romantic story.


This page reveals one of the most basic ways to date HIV-positive singles – HIV Dating WhatsApp. As a matter of fact, dating in an HIV-Positive WhatsApp group is ineffective and is bad for subsequent local dating. The best alternative way to have real, local HIV dates is by using a dedicated HIV dating App – MyPositiveSingles, which offers numerous HIV chat rooms and is handy, and requires no learning curve. Please feel free to use it!

Best STD Dating Site
  • Encounter a new variety of STD dating opportunities.
  • Meet real positive singles in your area.
  • 100% safe & private app