How to Get Rid of Anal Warts? [Home and Medical Ways]

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How to get rid of anal warts? Anal warts are a common health problem that is affecting numerous people worldwide. The disease is usually painless thus patients may have difficulty figuring it out in the early stages. However, most anal warts can progress to the genital warts and cause serious results if not treated or removed. This article will discuss an effective measure to help you eliminate anal warts without discomfort or medical consequences.

How To Get Rid Of Anal Warts

Table of Contents
What Are Anal Warts? What're the Causes of Them?
Home Remedies for Anal Warts? Are They Workable?
Are Anal Warts the End of Your Dating Life? Not Exactly
Commoon Anal Warts Symptoms and Potential Harm

What Are Anal Warts? What’re the Causes of Them?

The Definition of Anal Warts/Anus Warts 

Anal warts are small growths that appear in or around the anus. HPV, or Human Papilloma Virus, are usually considered the causes of it. In scientific terminology, it is called condyloma acuminate.

The Causes for Anal Warts:

As mentioned before, anal warts are caused by the HPV virus. The warts are common among people who are fond of performing anal intercourse; however, with time, warts may progress toward the genitals too. According to a study, the HPV virus has affected over 79 million Americans in their teen and tween ages.

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Home Remedies for Anal Warts? Are They Workable? 

Have you wondered how to get rid of anal warts through home remedies? The fastest way to deal with anal warts is to find home remedies that eliminate the issue through products found at your house. Most of us find it shameful to visit the doctor, especially when our problems are associated with STIs; therefore, home remedies can come in handy. However, home remedies are not reliable. If you wonder how to correctly deal with their anal warts, the best way is to visit a doctor.

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5 Home remedies for eliminating anal warts 

1. Lotion:

You can find over-the-counter lotions that would dry out the wart and eliminate it completely. The lotion contains ingredients that can stop the blood supply to the wart thus stopping warts from progressing toward the genitalia.

2. Anal warts cream:

Imiquimod Cream is abundantly found in every store. It can help remove warts completely without any pain or discomfort. The creams are cheaper and cure the issue from its core.

Anal Warts Cream

3. Lemon:

This is an excellent remedy for eliminating anal warts because it contains strong antibacterial properties that can fight the virus causing the wart.

4. Garlic:

Garlic effectively fights viruses and bacteria, so it is a natural way to heal anal warts.

5. Apple cider vinegar:

When it comes to home remedies, how to get rid of anal warts? Apple cider vinegar contains many useful ingredients like acetic acid, pectin, and malic acid that can help eliminate the wart.

Medical/clinical for removing anal warts:

Here are common warts on anus treatment:

1. Laser treatment:

Laser treatment is the most effective way to get rid of anal warts. It usually takes 1-2 sessions to remove anal warts, which can be painful.

2. Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy is another way to remove anal warts, which involves freezing the wart until it falls off. This is a less invasive option that can be done at home and does not require anesthesia or pain medication.

3. Tropical treatment:

Topical treatments are also an option for people who do not want surgery or lasers and want a more natural remedy for their condition. These treatments include salicylic acid, cantharidin, imiquimod cream, podophyllin resin, tretinoin, and cimetidine tablets.

Are Anal Warts the End of Your Dating Life? Not Exactly 

Most of us believe that anal warts or STIs are the end of our romantic life, and we keep questioning ourselves about How to get rid of anal warts. It is heartbreaking because no one imagines this situation; neither do people volunteer for a sexually transmitted disease like Herpes. However, the question is, does this mean you will no longer have a romantic life? And the right ways to get rid of anal warts.

Get Rid Of Anal Warts

 Here are the answers to your questions.

1. Are anal warts transmitted through sex acts?

They are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact or an infected person's bodily fluids. The virus can be passed from one person to another during sexual intercourse, but it is not spread by kissing, hugging, holding hands, sharing food or drinks, or toilet seats. In short, anal warts are not transmitted through sex acts. They can only be passed on when skin-to-skin contact with an infected person's bodily fluids.

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Common Anal Warts Symptoms and Potential Harm 

If you wonder how to get rid of anal warts? Here are some common anal warts symptoms and potential harms of catching anal warts.

What Are the Symptoms of Getting Anal Warts?

 Although anal warts are painless, symptoms of anal warts include:

- Painless and small

- Itching

- Bleeding

- Discharge

Warts On Anal Treatment

Does Anal Warts imply cancer?

 Anal warts are not cancerous but can be a sign of HPV infection. In most cases, HPV goes away on its own without any treatment. But sometimes, it can cause anal warts or cancer of the anus or cervix.

Does Anal Warts go with you forever?

 Anal warts are curable and do not go with the patient forever. If you leave it untreated, warts can move forward, thus causing sheer discomfort in your genitals and groin region.  Consult your physician timely so both of you can seek a 100% effective treatment plan for HPV infection and warts.


Anal warts are a sexually transmitted disease that can be caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are benign growths in the skin or mucous membrane and grow on various parts of the body, including the anus. Anal warts can appear as raised bumps on the anus, around it, or as flat and small. Do not let your STD define you and stop you from living your life to the fullest. Sign Up to MyPositiveSingles today and change your life forever.