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HPV Dating Dos and Don’ts, Facts and Tips [2022 Guides]

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a common sexually transmitted disease. HPV is harmless in most cases and will go away itself. However, in some cases, it can lead to genital warts and cancer. So, can you date someone if you are HPV positive? There is no shame about it being yourself and addressing the issue with your partner and in most cases HPV is not fatal at all.

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In this article, you will get all the important information about HPV dating, the dos and don'ts and a few valuable tips.

Table of Contents
Having Sex with HPV People's Possible Results
Can You Date with HPV People Safely?
Best HPV Dating Site
HPV Dating FAQs

Having Sex with HPV Patient? Possible Results

HPV is very common. The worst results of HPV are not painful at all, which cite the reasons why most people don't even know HPV is infectious. HPV is less harmful in all STD diseases but it is the most transmittable one given that the condom cannot stop it from spreading. So the sex thing should really be treated cautiously when HPV is already been observed.

There are more than 200 types of HPV infections, including low and high-risk HPV. Some of those can cause genital warts and infections. These genital warts are harmless and not painful at all. Just a few types like HPV 12 and 18 can cause serious health problems, which is very rare. It is surely not worth the risk of disturbing your sexual life if you are an HPV-positive patient. 

If your partner is HPV positive, you can also enjoy your life with him/her. The virus usually goes after a 10-18 months period by itself, or you can have vaccinations for HPV. These medications can help reduce the speed of spread. What you can do is use protection while physical activities like intercourse. This could be one of the finest STD dating tips.

There are some misconceptions about HPV as well. People think it only passes through sex. It can also be transmitted through a kiss or even touch. Sometimes we use towels of our friend who has HPV, and he can also be the source of HPV.

However, the most effective prep for eradicating HPV is the Vaccine. 

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Can You Date Others if You are Diagnosed with HPV?

If you are diagnosed with HPV, you don't need to worry a lot about it. According to a health survey in the United States, more than 43 million people were infected with HPV. And there are basically no fatal cases observed.

The Harm of HPV Dating

A person can surely date someone if he has feelings for his partner. They can go out to have a cup of tea and talk about other things. If you want yourself and your partner to be safe, you need to care for a specific period before getting engaged in physical activities. It can lead you or your partner to get HPV if any of you has that infection in the body. Dating with HPV warts could be one stressful feeling for you, but in reality, it is not.

Should You Disclose the Fact of Getting HPV?

The answer is yes. Before talking to your partner, you must have full knowledge of the subject. If he/she has questions about something, you need to answer them carefully and talk about the issue of having HPV. It is the beauty of a relationship as well. The more you trust your partner, the more love and affection you get from him.

The Test Things before HPV

The HPV test is available for women only. You need to be older than 30 years to get this test. The doctor identifies the abnormal body behavior and recommends this test for you if needed. It depends on the doctor in some cases, as he does not even recommend you to get tested if he feels your infection is not that bad. 

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HPV dating is not applauded; however, it is for those looking to find people with the same issues. MyPositiveSingles (MPS) gathers such people who are in the same camp. MPS is a platform that allows you to get a chance to talk to and meet people having HPV. It is one of the best HPV dating websites. 

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How to have HPV Dating on MPS?

Step 1: Sign up to MPS; it's free of cost and readily available to the viewers. You can open your account in seconds. Create an eye-catching profile of your having a good profile picture.

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Step 3: Start chatting with the people of your choice and enjoy dating. Wait for their reply, and you will find out if it works out between the two of you. You can also wait for someone to text you as you will be viable to the people nearby you.  

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HPV Dating FAQs

1. Should you stop dating when one of you gets HPV?

Relationships are built based on emotions, attachment and love. If all these factors are taken care of, you should not stop eating at all. You and your partner need each other in this difficult time.

2. Should you have sex when someone of you gets HPV?

Suppose someone gets HPV after having sex with you; it's not your fault. If you know everything about your infection, you can avoid it for a while. Make sure everyone stays safe and doesn't get the infection. 

3. Will HPV be Fatal? 

HPV is not usually fatal, and so is HPV dating. It stays for a while and goes away on its own. No medication is needed for HPV positives unless you feel pain and have any further health issues.  

Bottom Line

HPV dating is not terrible, as some people like to call it. It is common, and there is nothing we can do about it. There is nothing wrong with finding and dating people with the same issues. MPS provides people a chance to meet each other having HPV. It is not awkward to meet people at HPV dating sites. They are looking for you, and you should look for them and build a strong, healthy relationship where you can enjoy and live your life in peace. 

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