The Quickest Way for HSV-1 Dating | The Ultimate Guide

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What to do if you are suddenly informed that your partner is diagnosed with HSV-1? Or you are just tested positive with HSV-1? Don’t let the panic take you over. HSV-1 can bring some tough problems but it is never fatal diseases. With proper solutions, you can still enjoy ordinary lives just like you used to do. Even romantic relationships are not dreams never come ture. Let’s dive in into this HSV-1 dating guidance.

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What Is HSV-1 Dating?
The Survival Guide for HSV-1 Dating
The Best HSV-1 Dating Site
HSV-1 Dating Site FAQs

What is HSV-1 & HSV-1 Dating?

You may be more familiar with the word Herpes. Basically HSV-1 is one major type of Herpes. HSV-1 can cause sores around mouth and lips. The sores are itching, burstable, and last 7-10 days. These sores are contageous, any physical contact can cause the transmistion of HSV-1. So, many of you may think HSV-1 dating is a crazy idea. The truth is actually on the contrary, HSV-1 dating is very necessary.  

  • What’s the difference between HSV-1 and HSV-2?

The most evident symptom that both HSV-1 and HSV-2 shares is called the genital sores. If you are not really familiar with this term, you can simply refer to it as the herpes on penis. Besides, both type of herpes are transmitted by physical contacts, and fluid contacts.

HSV-1 majorly causes sores above the waist. The mouth sores, lip sores, eye sores, are literally caused by HSV-1. And HSV-2 basically has things to do with sores under your waist. The genital sores, scrotum sores, vaginal sores, etc.

  • What’s it be like to get herpes?

Herpes sores are itchy, and sometimes painful. And the troubles cannot be healed by your body automatically, they can occur again and again. And there is a period of breakout when the sores can be very easily transmitted by physical contacts. That’s when you need to avoid intimate touches and see your doctors.

The Survival Guide for HSV-1 Dating

Here you may ask, herpes are so dangerous. So what’s the meaning of HSV-1 Dating? Well, people who are diagnosed with HSV-1 positive can have ordinary lives. And for healthy people, they can encounter their fated lover but only to find they are with herpes. This is the meaning of HSV Dating. Now, let’s read on and see how to handle some basic problems in herpes dating.

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  • Why Herpes Dating are in huge demand?

People with herpes sometimes find it really hard to penertrate into a healthy relationship. The disclousure of the truth of herpes is never easy. And the intentional hiding of truth is bound to end badly. The only way out is finding someone who understands you, knows how herpes work and sympathize with you, which cites reasons for the rise of Herpese Dating.

  • Does HSV-1 contagious? What’s the symptoms for Male/Female?

HSV-1 can be very infectious. It transmitted through mouth sores, lip sores and eye sores. The fluids contain the most herpes virus, and they are most dangerous in the breakout period.

The symtoms are basically the same for male and female.

  • How to Disclose About Your Status in HSV-1 Dating?

If you are dating with healthy people, then the best timing to disclose your condition is before having sex. Trust me, an in time, initiative, hoest disclosure will help you win over your lover’s heart. And cheating is definitely not gonna last long.

The Best HSV-1 Dating Site for Herpes Positive Singles

As mentiond above, given the stereotype and discrimmination from the cliche society, it is hard to find those who understand Herpes, let alone dating with people who has HSV. So the best solution is HSV-1 Dating - meeting those who have herpes works!

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  • Introduction

MyPositiveSingles is the choice today. Focusing on providing all STD people with a harmonious community to share, sympathize, and interact together, This HSV-1 Dating App is catering its users to a colorful yet secret zone where they can post, comment each others’ stories.

MyPositiveSingles will avail you to search the positive singles who are near you, and allow you to talk & match with them.

  • Herpes Dating Tutorial on MyPositiveSingles

Step 1. Download MPS.

Step 2. Create a profile to introduce yourself.

Step 3. Use the search feature to filter those who are near you, who have the same type of herpes just like you.

Step 4. Talk to him/her, exchange your photos, share your thoughts and experiences on STDs. And maybe make some offline datings together.

Bonus Tip: MPS is never simply a dating App. It also serves as a huge STD social media where users share their stories, thoughts, and experiences in form of pics. It is a secret zone for HSV, HIV, HPV positive people and you can definitely join them like a breeze of wind.

HSV-1 Dating FAQs

1. How Does HSV-1 Transmit?

Physical contacts, fluid contacts and intercourse during the herpes breakout period. Kisses, touches, sex can get you infected with herpes. The best solution to protect yourself is not condom - the best method is to avoid all types of contacts duiring the breakout.

2. HSV-1 Symptoms in Male

Some common sores including mouth sores and eyesores are caused by HSV-1 and men

HSV-1 symptoms in male patients normaly apprear to be sores on penis, scrotum.

3. HSV-1 Treatment

There is no permanent cure for herpes. The most common method that HSV-1 positive people adopt in their daily lives are the antiviral medicines that prevent or shorten the sores’ outbreak. BTW, the antiviral medicine also contributes to reduce the chance of herpes transmitting to 3rd individual.


This page expalins the definition of HSV-1 dating, telling readers if it is safe to date with those who have herpes (type one). The answer is, you can definitely date with HSV-1 positive people, with proper protection of course. And as a matter of fact, dating with herpes people is one of the best solutions for STD positive singles.

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