Meet People with Herpes- The Best and Safe Ways

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Trusting someone who shares the same untold issues can be difficult in this hustling and bustling life. In fact, compatibility levels rarely meet when you are suffering from a significant problem like herpes. If you are tired of facing the same issue, worry no more because this article has gotten you covered in all dating aspects. You will learn the best ways to meet people with herpes, build a relationship and be authentic yourself.

Meet People With Herpes

Table of Contents
#1. Using Herpes Dating Sites or Apps
#2. Meet People with Herpes Support Groups
3. Join Herpes Dating Groups on Facebook
#4. Attend Meet-up Groups and Singles Events
Go to Places Where You Can Meet People with Common Interests


#1. Meet singles with Herpes Using Dating Sites or Apps

Suppose you want tomeet people with herpes. In that case, the most straightforward and recommended method is using a niche herpes dating platform. It makes it easier to relate to tons of potential matches in your local area. Dating sites are the most reliable way to find like-minded people and give you a straightaway analysis of a person. Make dating easy and meet people with herpes.

Here are some of the benefits of using dating sites for people with herpes:

  • You can avoid awkward interactions. 
  • Both you and your date are suffering from the same issue, so there will be no elephant in the room.
  • You can analyze the likes and hobbies of a person, so you know all the topics to talk about. 
  • Both of you can enjoy each other's company without getting uncomfortable.

1. PositiveSingles - Best Herpes and STD Dating Site & App

Herpes can make you feel incredibly lonely at the time. Most people newly diagnosed with this std feel at a crossroads when it comes to dating, which shatters their self-confidence. Ordinary dating site makes you question your sanity by raising queries like Can you date someone with herpes? In a world where herpes is unaccepted, it is time for you to switch to platforms showing love and support. 

Herpes Dating Positivesingles

You can join PositiveSingles today and start your romantic journey. You never know. Your potential life partner might be just a click away. The website has a user-friendly interface and can give positive results for meeting singles with herpes.

2. HSV Singles - HSV Dating Site for Herpes Singles

Love should be free for all as it doesn't believe in boundaries and stopping points. HSV Singles dating site is the one-stop solution for all the dating issues a herpes-positive person may find when seeing someone. The platform is honest and lets you find like-minded individuals without letting you down or being disappointed. There are so many features that you can access on the website. Don't think twice. Create a free profile and start mingling and meeting singles with herpes positive in your block.

3. MyPositiveSingles - Free Herpes Dating Site

MyPositiveSingles is one of the best platforms that allow you to meet singles with herpes. The website is filled with success stories of people who could not find an understanding partner. The best thing about the website is that it is a 100 % transparent platform with zero scamming reports. All members of this platform are verified. Therefore, the chance of catfishing is zero to none.

The Leading Herpes & STD Dating Site

Warming and loving place open to singles living with Herpes and other STDs. 10X easier to find love and support on MyPositiveSingles.

You can opt for an advanced search that allows you to look for higher compatibility dates with the same interests and hobbies. All chats are mutually exclusive, meaning no one can barge into your privacy to find the best partner out there. In case of a query, you can also go through the website's help center. The website's hardworking team is at your service 24/7 to resolve all issues and problems as soon as possible. Now, meet people with herpes with confidence

4. MPWH - Herpes Dating Site with Supportive Community

Just because you have been hit by a misfortunate bump in life, it doesn't mean you should stop living. If you are searching for the perfect romantic partner, MPWH is your perfect one-stop place. The website is highly versatile and runs through the app too. You can keep your anonymity and meet people with herpes. So far, there have been thousands of positive responses from users, and many have also found their life partners through this platform. Now, meet singles with herpes with complete confidence.


5. HWerks - Dating Site for Herpes Positive Singles

One thing is for sure, your disease has only made you strong, and there must be nothing that should let you down. The motto of HWerks is to help you get comfortable with your ailment and assist you in finding the right match; people from different professions and backgrounds are signed up to the platform and have been seeing each other without any room for awkwardness. From dating to support groups, this platform has it all for you. Gone are the days when herpes-positive individuals live their life in shadow. You can now meet people with herpes without any obstacles.


#2. Meet People with Herpes with Support Groups

Constant support from people who have gone through the same issue in life is the perfect way for you to forget the bad memories and cherish life. One way to be empowered after contracting this illness is by joining the herpes support group. Meet people with herpes and greeting groups can teach you a lot and give you the needed insight into this illness. Here are the benefits of joining a support group:

  • Being a herpes-positive single can be overburdening for people. Therefore, the perfect way to find the 'one' is through Support Groups. 
  • You can learn a lot about your disease and ways to control the intensification of herpes. 
  • You can overcome your fears and overwhelming feelings by joining a support group.

Here are a few support groups that you can join:

1. Herpes support group by AshasexualHealth

2.      A herpes support group by MensGroup

3.       Pink Tent

4.       Oral and Genital support group

5.       Group for women with herpes

#3. Join Herpes Dating Groups on Facebook

Facebook has tons of herpes groups that would help you find a like-minded date. So far, Facebook has millions of users and is considered the perfect place for talking to people. Here are four popular Facebook groups created for herpes-positive people.

  1. Positive singles - Herpes & STD Dating Support Positive Singles Group
  2. LGBTQ+ HSV - Herpes Positive Support Group
  3. Positive singles USA - Herpes Dating USA & STD Dating USA Support Positive
  4. Herpes Support Group

#4. Attend Meet-up Groups and Singles Events for Herpes People

We know the hassle of finding herpes positive person. However, not all of us like to take the internet's help in finding a romantic partner. In fact, some of us prefer the old-school way of dating, which is to ask someone out face to face. In this case, meetup groups and singles events are the perfect way to meet people with herpes. 

You can openly discuss your disease and listen to others about their experience with herpes. The Meetup groups are a very empowering experience, giving you the confidence to be content with your life after the std contraction. If all goes well, you can openly and confidently talk about STDs and ask others out for a date.

#5. Go to Places Where You Can Meet People with Common Interests>

You cannot meet anyone unless you decide to leave your apartment and look herpes right into the eyes. Life is more than this cruel disease, and you possess many other attractive personality traits. Show off your life skills by visiting a different place. 

The best date happens between two people with a common interest; for instance, if you are into sports, join an STD-positive sports club. You can find thousands of suitable people there who would be honored to go on a date with you, Besides that, you can openly talk about your disease without feeling bothered, and above all, you will not be judged, 

The biggest issue that STD-positive people face is constant judgment. This factor can be very derogatory for individuals. It is highly advised that you go to STD-approved places where others can approach you based on your likes and dislikes instead of the STD.


The herpes-positive person often gets very negative and finds it going on dates or being romantically involved with someone. As this disease is taboo, dating with herpes is challenging. This article discusses different ways to meet people with herpes, helping you amp up your dating game and regain your long-lost confidence.