Positive Singles Complaints: Reviews from All Parties

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People suffering from STDs always look for ways to find the right partner who loves and understands them. But it’s not easy because of the fear of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases. But since the arrival of dating apps like Positive Singles, they can find their loved ones in the true sense because only those who are already the victims join this platform.

Positive Singles Complaints

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Positive Singles' Customer Reviews from Criticla Websites
Positive Singles' Complaints Shared on Reddit
Positive Singles' Review from this Page's Editor
Positive Singles' Verdict from the Editor
Alternative STD Dating App for PositiveSingles:Cheaper and Handier

Positive Singles allows such people to date, chat online and make love by finding what they are looking for. That’s why it is the biggest site for herpes-positive singles. But is this site perfect? Of course not; customers who have been using it for quite some time have different Positive Singles Complaints as well, which we’ve enlisted from Reddit, Forum and some other sites.

Positive Singles’ Customer Reviews from Critical Websites

Let’s take a look at some of the Positive Singles’ complaints towards positivesingles.com. Also, some authentic reviews from the mainstream reviewing sites (Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Datingscout, Healthyframework) are shared in this part too.


Sitejabber is one of the sites that has reviewed this platform and shared customer reviews also from the last one year. There have been multiple Positive Singles’ complaints:

  • Some users were not convinced with the amount they had to pay because they could only stay in the relationship (via the app) until their subscription is not ended.
  • One of the users shared that his account was hacked within a day of his subscription, which tells a lot about security and safety.
  • Some of them called it a scammed site that charges money but either deactivated the account or doesn’t help in finding a partner.
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Trustpilot is another addition to the sites that have reviewed Positive Singles. Take a look at some of the Positive Singles’ complaints here:

  • Customers are concerned about fake profiles on the platform and made by the management to boost their sales.
  • Some users complained that they were unable to log in to the site at peak times.
  • A few users also called it a scam.


Here are some more customer reviews about Positive Singles shared by the users:

  • Users think that only premium members are allowed to send messages which is surely discrimination.
  • Some of them found it easy to create profiles and login to the site at any moment.
  • Many users think this is one of the best platforms to find a potential partner, particularly for people with herpes.

Positive Singles Complaints On Site


Customers have shared their reviews regarding PositiveSingles here also:

  • A user from the past 12 years stated that this had become a China-based scam site, the sole purpose of which is just to collect data from people and use it for multiple unethical purposes.
  • A customer said that he keeps receiving emails that he’s got new messages. But when he opens the inbox, there is nothing. So, fake messages and emails are also normal here.
  • Users also showed their concerns regarding the censoring of profiles and entertaining specific people only.

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Positive Singles’ Complaints Shared on Reddit 


Reddit is an online platform for people to discuss different things, and ask for opinions and experiences. A survey was conducted by Reddit itself about how people felt while using PositiveSingles and noted their reviews. Here are a few of them:

  • One of the users said that her experience was good and bad simultaneously. According to her, the platform provides you with a small dating pool, and you’ve to find the perfect partner from them. But she found some excellent people using it. She just wanted PositiveSingles to take note of who’s there for entertainment only and who is actually looking for partners. That’ll sort out most of the issues.
  • One of the users said that PositiveSingles is only suitable for people with premium accounts. That’s because they can interact with people from within the country also, and can send messages to their partners.
  • A user shared a funny review also, stating that “Curious what an attractive normal looking dude looks like”. This indicates that there are fake and useless profiles all over the site.
  • One user compared it to Tinder and found the latter better because of its straightforward functions, while he found the former a platform with a limited number of options.
  • Another customer was successful in finding a potential partner, so she called it the best site she’s ever used.
  • Despite the fact that there are many positive and negative comments from the users, if you want to give it a try, buy its subscription and see how it works for you.

Positive Singles’ Review from this Page’s Editor

Positve Singles

Positive Singles has a long history of 20 years of helping people with STDs in finding true love. You will not only meet compatible and interesting singles on this site but also find support through the chat room, forums and blogs. Take a look at some of its features:


One of its unique features is that it has a “Quick Exit” button which lets you close the app quickly every time someone walks in. Apart from that, this app provides enough support to the members. PositiveSingles has verified members who are either diagnosed with STDs or are suffering from any at the moment. It also allows you to privately chat with your partner, share photos and videos and talk to each other on video call as well, and no one will have an idea about it. Lastly, in order to get some tips regarding safe sex, you can consult with experienced professionals on this platform and ask them what will work best for you.


You just have to pay a monthly fee of $45 to be a part of this community and enjoy all the benefits with ease.

Positive Singles’ Verdict from the Editor

Here are some of the pros and cons of this site that will help you know whether to go for it or not.

  • You get the option to connect with thousands of people around the world using this site.
  • It lets you create faceless profiles which help you find your love without even revealing your identity.
  • You don’t need to be afraid to transmit the virus since the other person will already have it.
  • You can let the other person know about your STD with STD stigma, since you both are suffering from it.
  • It’s quite possible that you and your partner are having different viruses. So, you may end up transmitting these to one another which is even more dangerous.
  •  It is just a small pool that doesn’t contain many fishes, particularly if you aren’t using the premium version. So, you may or may not find a partner on it.

Alternative STD Dating App for PositiveSingles: Cheaper and Handier

After going through all the reviews, you may think of whether to go for it or look for another alternative app. And there is no better option than MyPositiveSingles because it is cheaper and provides you with multiple options also.

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MyPositiveSingles App Review

MyPositiveSingles is the platform where you can find many frustrated positive singles there, looking to get a partner to fulfill their desires. It allows you to send flirts to other positive singles, can call or text them and date them as well. You’ll hardly find a fake profile because only those who provide their real credentials get approval. Apart from that, there are filters available which you can use to find a partner of a certain age or from a specific area. So, this makes it the best alternative to PositiveSingles.

MyPositiveSingles App Features

MyPositiveSingles provides you with a chance to consult with experienced professionals or get some informative blogs about other people’s dating experiences to understand what will work best for you. It also allows you to privately chat with your partner, share photos and videos and talk to each other on video calls as well. With all these unique features, it’s a good option to consider.

How to get the hang of MyPositiveSingles without a learning curve?

Getting the hang of MyPositiveSingles is quite easy. Here are a few steps to do it:

● Open MyPositiveSingles.com on Google and create your profile there.

● Search for a partner by browsing through the app.

● Once you find one, send a message or start with flirts and pictures.

After getting done with this, you’ll surely end up having a potential partner.

  • Private & Anonymous
  • 100s of Local Singles
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There are multiple things you may look for in order to choose a partner. But before that, you must think of how you’re going to find one. For herpes and HIV-positive singles, these sites can prove helpful. One such site is MyPositiveSingles which not only keeps your relationship and chats private but allows you to date as well. So, just visit the website MyPositiveSingles.com and try your luck.