Reasons Why You Get Date Rejection and How to Deal with Rejection 

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For those of you who got up the courage to ask him/her out on a date but were rejected, sometimes it's just that the timing didn't really match, or he/she was keeping it see-and-wait out of caution.

In this article, you can learn the reasons why you asked someone out on a date but was turned down and you can learn how to tell if there are any opportunities to have a date afterward when refused. In addition, you can learn how to deal with rejection and avoid embarrassment. If you respond well after being rejected, you may be able to succeed in trying again later. Let’s get started. 

Date Rejection

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[By Gender] Why Do You Get Rejected?
How to Deal with Date Rejection

[By Gender] Why Do You Get Rejected?

You might say: “I got up the courage to ask someone I was interested in out on a date, but unfortunately I was turned down. I would like to know why I was rejected.”

Here, we’re going to see the reasons.

Why do women reject dating men?

If a man invites a woman on a date, what are the reasons why the woman turned down the date?

Here are 6 reasons:

1. They are not into you

Everyone has their preferences and ideals for dates. It's natural to assume that if you're going on a date alone, it has to be someone you're more or less interested in.

There are many women who are honest with themselves, so if they don't like men or are not interested, they may reject a date.

On the flip side, think positively that the woman you asked out on a date wasn't someone who would go on a date with anyone. Maybe it's because I thought "no" on the last date.

Then, if someone you've dated before refuses to go on a date, they may not be into you based on the behavior of your previous date.

Basically, women judge men by demerit points during dating. It is a sad result that even if you thought that the last date was a good date without any delay, you were deducted before you realized it.

Try to think back on whether there were flaws during the date when you were frustrated, when you weren't able to put the ladies first, or when there were any actions that would result in points being deducted. 

2. They are not attracted to you through online interactions

Actually, attractive women may receive online messages from many men. The number may be far beyond your imagination!

Among them, she will choose a man with obvious advantages to going on a date, so she will turn down a date with a man who does not feel attractive compared to other men. It's a pretty cruel selection game.

She may don’t care if the chat was fun, or if you could convey your charm, but in any case, with the process of connection. So far, She didn't think "I want to date you " That's it.

3. They were sick or tired

A guy who likes a girl asks her out on a date, but when she is sick or tired, she can't go on a date even if he wants to.

In many cases, she didn’t know if she is not feeling well until the day of the date, so in this case, it's not uncommon to cancel at the last minute.

It will be a big shock to be rejected on a date you were looking forward to, but it is also important to take care of her body. Then, ask her out on a date some other day.

4. They already had plans and weren't available 

I Have Plans

Attractive women often have a lot of plans in their private lives. You can’t force it if she already has other plans on the day you asked her out.

In the case of women who seem to be into you, they might be able to offer alternatives, such as suggesting another day.

If she turned you down, but she still suggests another day, don't get discouraged and try again.

5. They like someone else or have a boyfriend

Many women don't go on dates alone with someone they don't like. Therefore, if a woman likes someone else or is already in a relationship, she will naturally decline the date invitation.

However, it is also possible to “research” in advance if she has a boyfriend or likes someone. Few people will ask you out on a date with someone you've never talked to before, so it's a good idea to casually ask if she has a boyfriend or not in the conversation beforehand.

6. They are trying or hesitating

Some women are happy when someone they like asks them out on a date, but at first, they hesitate about what to do.

In some cases, to test whether you are serious about her, she can intentionally decline the date invitation.

If you are a man who was rejected once and gives up, some women will be disappointed. So if you like her and really want to go on a date, try again.

Why do men reject to date women?

When a woman invites a man she is interested in on a date, he may turn down the date. What are the reasons for this?

Here are 5 reasons:

1. He is busy with work

So Busy Working

Work is the most commonly used reason for rejecting a date, regardless of gender.

Of course, there are times when she is really busy with work and doesn’t have time for a date. So, if he really likes you, you will be presented with his schedule which seems to prove his busy work.

Also, if you a man turns down a date because he is busy with work, unfortunately, there is a high chance that he is not into you.

2. They don't like you

Just like women, men don't want to go on dates alone with women they don't like.

For example, if someone rejects you by saying, "I'm busy right now, so let's go on a date when things settle down," he might want to wait for you to give up on the spot so as not to hurt you.

It's a good idea to recognize that the purpose of rejecting with a vague expression is to clearly tell the woman that he doesn’t like her and not hurt her.

3. Dating is troublesome

Many men find it exhausting to spend time alone with a woman they don't really want to get along with.

If you don't know each other well, it's hard to find a topic to talk about. This is why some men find dating to be troublesome.

However, if it is an invitation from someone he likes, he shouldn't feel troublesome. If you are rejected, for this reason, it is better to judge that there seems to be no crush on you.

4. He didn't know what to do because he had a little love experience

When it comes to dating, there is a secular logic that men have to lead, so some men are uneasy about meeting up with a girl because they have little experience with love.

Instead of enjoying the time with the woman who asked you out, he will be in a state of "I don't know what to do about being alone with her”.

In this case, it is recommended that you put a cushion in before you meet alone, such as having fun together with your friends.

5. He wants to go on a date after building a relationship of trust with a partner

Some men are reluctant to suddenly go on a date with someone they haven't talked to.

Especially in the case of herbivore men who have little experience in love, when they are alone with a woman they like, they may be so nervous that they can't even have a good and sweet talk.

There are quite a few men who want to go on a date after becoming familiar to some extent and understanding themselves to some extent, building a relationship of trust.

How to Deal with Date Rejection & How to Respond Afterwards

Unfortunately, it can be a shock when you are turned down on a date. However, depending on the reaction, there is a possibility that it will lead to further progress, so do not “let it go”. Here, we’re going to introduce how to respond and reply when a date invitation is refused, so be sure to check before inviting a date.

How to respond when a date is rejected

"Because I've been so busy."

If you are rejected like this, frankly speaking, you still have chances. The response to this rejection can be progressive. Even if the invitation is turned down, the key is to keep telling someone that you like them. In other words, it's best if you say "I like you" even before your invitation is turned down. Continue this push-push “strategy” for a while, and then pull at once. 

1. Don't pursue the reason persistently. Reply refreshingly

People who are persistent are hated regardless of gender. Even after being turned down for a date. What is your true intention? The point is to hold back even if you want to pursue someone because of that feeling.

Let's reply refreshingly without dragging on the damage that was rejected. On the other hand, it’s taboo to show your emotions and act like you are servile, or to sarcastically say that there are other people you can ask out on a date, so it's totally okay.

An immature attitude is likely to make the relationship worse after that.

"It was so sudden. I'll invite you again." 

So Sudden

Instead of pursuing the reason why you turned down the date, you can leave a good impression on someone by responding in a way that doesn't make them feel overwhelmed. In this case, you can create a slightly disappointing atmosphere by using stickers in messages such as WhatsApp, and when talking directly with facial expressions, etc., so that you can set the stage for the next invitation.

"I'm sorry I'm busy! I'll see you when the schedule seems to fit!"

In order to connect to future invitations, don't get hung up on just this invitation.

If you don't have a specific schedule for the next time, you can leave a positive impression without being intrusive.

Since it's a rough and easygoing answer, the opposite sex on the side of rejection may have done something wrong. It seems that the burden of feeling like that will be lighter.

2. Think about the reason why you were turned down

If you were rejected, it’s important to first think about what went wrong in order to connect next time.

Figure out the reason why you were rejected to some extent, whether it was just bad timing or the other person just didn't like you at all.

Among them, if there is something that can be improved, it is recommended to fix it and try again. From the next time onwards, it should surely be a reference when you confess to someone else.

Also, before you ask someone out on a date, you should have a chance to talk with him/her several times. Or, do some “research” on your friends and ask them out on a date using what they like as an excuse.

If you're a fanboy, it's also recommended to invite her to a trendy spot.

At that time, instead of inviting "Let's go together!", by inviting "Would you like to go here?" Therefore, it should be easier to get an “OK”.

3. Wait a week or two and try again

If someone rejected a date because they are busy with work, it is a good idea to wait a while and try to approach again.

If it was really just bad timing when you asked him/her out on a date, giving they some time might a good idea.

Some people have their own rules about not accepting the invitation for the first time, so if you wait a week or two before approaching again, you may get a simple OK.

How Many Times Is It OK to Ask someone out on A Date Before Dating?

We understand the feeling of wanting to go on a date with someone you really like and want to ask him/her out over and over again. However, in general, how many times is it okay to ask someone out if they turn down?

Even if the first time was just not convenient or the timing was right, many people feel that they really do not want to go if they are refused the third time.

In order not to be disliked by asking too many times over and over again, try to invite about three times.

Final Words

If you ask someone out on a date and they turn you down, think about why.

This article has introduced the reasons why “I was rejected when asking someone out on a date, and how to tell if there is a follow-up or not.

It takes a lot of courage to ask someone you like out on a date. Even if you get turned down, sometimes it's just that the timing wasn't right, and sometimes you were rejected for a reason because you they are not into you.

In general, many people will try to invite someone up to the 3rd time, so even if you are turned down once, try your best to invite them the 2nd or 3rd time.