About Membership

What Can I Do as a Basic Member?
When you sign up at MyPositiveSingles, you automatically become a basic member in our community. As a basic member, you can enjoy the following features:
  • create your profile
  • get verified
  • view the profiles of positive singles nearby
  • use basic filters (gender, age, and location)
  • read/like/comment/post blogs & moments
  • save your favorite profiles
  • block/report users who act inappropriately to you
  • receive/reply messages
  • winks
  • send feedbacks to MyPositiveSingles
What Can I Do as a Premium Member?
A premium member is someone who pays to enjoy special benefits. MyPositiveSingles premium membership features include:
  • all the features that basic members have
  • initiate chats with whomever you like
  • advanced filters (change location, search by STD(s), region, ethnicity, and height)
  • see who viewed/liked you
  • discover new members
  • unlimited winks
  • manage your profile’s visibility
  • more exposure
How to Become a Premium Member?
After you’ve signed up at MyPositiveSingles, go to “Me”> tap “Upgrade to Premium” > choose the “Deal” you prefer > tap “Continue” to finish your payment.
How to Cancel My Premium Membership?
For any issues related to payment, please click here to get help from our 24/7 customer service.

About Features on MyPositiveSingles

I’m a Basic Member. Can I Send Messages to people I like?
Yes, you can. A basic member can send unlimited messages if you and the person like each other. But if the person doesn't like you back, you can only send limited messages to him/she.
How to Upload a Photo?
Tap “Me” at the bottom right of the menu bar > tap “Edit Info” > click on the “Upload Photos” button > choose “Upload Photos” > Select one photo from your library.
Can I Hide My Profile?
If you're a basic member, you can’t hide your profile on MyPositiveSingles. Profile privacy feature is available for premium members only.
How to Hide My Profile?
Become a premium member first > tap “Me” at the bottom right of the menu bar > tap “Settings” under your profile pic > tap “Profile Privacy” > choose a way to hide your profile (Hide me from all members, Hide me from female, Hide me from males, or show only members I like)
How to Add Someone’s Profile to My Favorite List?
Open MyPositiveSingles > find the person you like in the “Search” > tap the “Heart” Button at the bottom of the profile.
How to Block Someone on MyPositiveSingles?
You can block someone by clicking the three dots icon on his/her profile, blogs, moments, or chats.
Open the person’s profile/blog/moments/chats that you want to block > tap the three dots icon on the upper right corner > tap “Block” > confirm your decision by clicking “Block” again.
How to Report Someone on MyPositiveSIngles?
You can report someone by clicking the three dots icon on his/her profile, blogs, moments, or chats.
Open the person’s profile/blogs/moments/chats that you want to report > tap the three dots icon on the upper right corner > tap “Report” > select your reason(s) for reporting > tap “Submit” to send your report.
How to Send Feedback?
Go to “Me” > tap “Feedback” in the menu > select your “Topic/Subject” > describe your “Question” > click “Save” (attach photos if you have).
What Is “Blog” ?
Blogging is a way to share your emotions, thoughts, stories, etc. in the form of texts. Think about twitter or Reddit, you can regard the blog feature in MyPositiveSingles that way. You post it and other positive singles can read, like, or comment on it.
By connecting positive singles through words that reflect each one’s personal experiences and opinions, MyPositiveSingles dating site believes it can inspire the positive singles that you are not alone.
How to Post a Blog?
It is easy to post a blog on MyPositiveSingles. After you’ve logged in MyPositiveSingles, tap “Blog” in the bottom > click the plus icon that indicates “Post My Blog” > edit what you want to say > tap “Post” to publish your blog.
What Is “Moments” ?
“Moments” is where you can share your lifestyle with pictures. You can also write down your thoughts at that moment. Other positive singles can view, like, and comment on your moments.
How to Post Your “Moments”?
When you want to post your moments, tap “Blog” in the bottom menu bar > choose “Moments” on the top > click the plus icon that indicates “Post My Moments” > edit your moments > click “Post” to share your Moments.
Blog & Moments Guidelines
While using the Blog and Moments, please be nice & respectful. MyPositiveSingles will remove any content that depicts hate speeches, racist, violence, threats, obscenity, minors, illegal behaviors, etc. (Read our community guidelines to know more) It is also forbidden to use blogs or moments to exchange contact information, sell your products, or promote your events and business.

About Account

How to Forget My Password?
Open your MyPositiveSingles login page > tap “Forgot Password” > select your account types > enter the email you signed up with > enter the verification code sent to your email > set your new password > tap “Return To Sign In”.
How to Change My Password?
Go to “Me” > tap “Settings” > click “Account” > tap “Change password” (Next to “Forgot Password?”) > enter your old password > enter your new password > tap “Sign In”.
Can I Delete My Account?
Currently, you can’t delete your account on MyPositiveSingles by yourself. You can click here to contact our 24/7 customer service to do it for you.