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HIV Dating

Date with Someone While HIV+ or Living with HIV

HIV Dating

HIV positive singles can have intimate relationships easier. It’s not the 80s. There are an increasing number of people who have educated themself on HIV. Rumors like kissing, hugging or sharing food are responsible for the bulk of HIV transmission are fading away.

Nowadays, more and more HIV-positive individuals have gotten out of their cocoons and successfully found their soulmates. So, don’t settle for less. You can find your right person and go on a sweet date too!

Where to Start the HIV Dating?

Having a solid social life is crucial if you want to make connections with HIV singles. It gives you humps of chances to start your romantic adventure. You can go to your places of interest to meet people with shared interests, find someone to date at a singles event, or ask your friends to set you up.

However, it might not work so effectively if you’re in a finite area. So, many people jump right on HIV dating online. MyPositiveSingles is exactly a welcoming community and inclusive dating site for HIV AIDS singles, making it easy and safe to meet like-minded people and find love. It opens to everyone living with HIV or people who prefer to date someone with a positive HIV diagnosis.

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Members Who Have Found Love on MyPositiveSingles

It's hard finding someone to connect with while living with HIV. You did a great job creating a loving space for HIV-positive singles to find love. Olivia & Eric
MyPositiveSingles turned out to be much better than I expected initially.  It's such a lovely and easy site to use when I want to connect with positive singles and chat on the go. Besides, this site has stories, safe sex tips, support groups, and lots more. Very cool! William
I think this site has really helped me realize that my HIV status is not a reflection of any incomplete. I've overcome a lot of insecurities and built self-confidence. I can now present myself to find my soulmate. Amelia

Why Start HIV Dating Online with MyPositiveSingles?

There are the significant reasons you should turn to our HIV-specific dating site to find a perfect match.

Chat Online Chat Online

Easy & Convenient

Using our HIV dating site makes it easy to disclose HIV status and have straightforward communications. It helps you find compatible dates more effectively. Plus, our niche HIV dating platform is well-designed and works great for mobile devices, making you available to connect with HIV positive singles by sending winks, chatting and getting to know each other while on the go.

Match Positive Singles Match Positive Singles

Advanced & Effective Matching

MyPositiveSingles provides reliable matches directly instead of cookie-cutter dating tips to show you how to find a partner in real life. You can set your preferences & requirements about your partner, be descriptive about who you are and what kind of relationship you’re looking for on this HIV dating site. The matching system will make more potential and unique matches work around your needs which is effective.

Love Someone Living with HIV Love Someone Living with HIV

Helpful Tips & Guides

You might feel embarrassed by your HIV status and fear disclosing your status or rejection when dating. You don’t have to worry about it at all. This dating site for HIV offers you more than just compatible dates near you. It also provides you with a wide range of helpful tips and advice, from revealing your status appropriately and dealing with life problems to having safe sex life while living with HIV.

HIV Supportive Community HIV Supportive Community

HIV-Focused Community

Add to that, MyPositiveSingles not just provides you with premium HIV dating services. It doubles as a warming and healthy community containing tons of support groups. We have a zero-tolerance policy for creeps, discrimination and hate speeches. And we will give you support mentally, physically and emotionally, making you feel at home. So, it’s safe to say that MyPositiveSingles is a loving space to be authentically you.

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